The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly - Reg Down

The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly - Reg Down
The Bee Who Lost His Buzz - Pumpkin Crow - Lucy Goose and the Half-egg

Follow the adventures of Tiptoes Lightly, a fairy who lives in an acorn high up in the branches of a Great Oak Tree. Her tree sits on a knoll overlooking Running River, and she and her friends have a host of adventures. First they help the bee who lost his buzz - snagged on a thorn belonging to grumpy Mr. Cactus! Then they visit the house of Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and sail down to the sea to untangle Octopus - he's too young to count his legs properly and gets them mixed up! They journey up to Snowy Mountain to hear from Jack Frost himself what kind of being he really is - and Jack tells the dramatic tale of how he came to be. Finally, after too many adventures to list here, they find out who the real mother of the half-egg is - one that Lucy Goose found in the mud and is determined to hatch along with her own eggs.

Lavishly illustrated by the author-artist, these are simple, innocent and magical tales set in nature. Humorous, reverent, sanguine and droll, they are suitable for reading to young children (kindergarten to grade 3) or for young children to read (grades 1 - 4).

Three further books, The Festival of Stones, Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant, and the Magic Knot, belong to the series. They are based on the same characters but stand separately.

ISBN 1-4120-4211-9
104 pages
6 x 9 inches


Tales of Tiptoe Lightly by Reg Down

Where would we be without friends? A true friend loves us through good times and bad, appreciates us for who we are, and forgives us our foibles and fears. We learn a lot from friends, and the sharing of wisdom and experience can bridge all kinds of social and cultural divides.

The stories in this collection aptly capture the spirit of friendship, and are perfect for pre-schoolers just discovering what being a friend is all about. Tiptoes and her friends are always there for one another, whatever the problem that needs solving, with kindness, encouragement, and a helping hand.

And they are funny! For a young child with a cultivated imagination, the idea of a tangled octopus or a crow with his head stuck in a pumpkin will likely provoke good natured laughter - children know funny when they see it.

We enjoy these stories a lot, a few at a time or the whole book in one sitting. My daughter would love to live in an acorn and sleep on feathers, just like Tiptoes. I enjoy the interludes wherein Tiptoes describes how fireflies came to be, or why butterflies and flowers are similar; she's like the perfect parent, ready with an imaginative and compelling answer to any “why...?’ When I can't come up with an adequate response, I borrow or modify. Or simply summon the characters to transform stubbornness into cooperation: a cue to “flutter along like a fairy’ works like a charm to get us out of the house, and “what would a growing mouse do with your breakfast?’ will usually result in its being eaten. For any parent of a pre-school-aged child, this book is a must-have!

Review by Lauren Ciborski

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